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Schaefer Portrait Challenge III (2009)
Alberta de Jetley, Farmer

One of 53 portraits selected from across the state for the Third Schaefer Portrait Challenge in 2009. The Schaefer Portrait Challenge will be at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center (January - February) and The Contemporary Museum at First Hawaiian Center, Honolulu (May-September).
Portrait Marco

Artist’s Statement

Marco Eskaran - Shaefer Portrait Challenge
  Alberta de Jetley and Mike Carroll with portrait "Alberta de Jetley, Farmer". Shaefer Portrait Challenge 2009, Maui Arts & Cultural Center.

Alberta De Jetley is a farmer whose roots tap down deeply into the aina of three islands: Moloka’i , where she was born; Lana’i, where she grew up under the Jacaranda trees at Koele; and Maui, where she raised her own family. After a career in the hotel industry, Alberta switched gears and became a writer. Over the years, her highly engaging feature articles have appeared in numerous publications. She is on the board of several non-profit organizations in our community, and can always be counted on to lend a helping hand. She inspires others through a mix of enthusiasm, compassion and a no-nonsense approach to improving life on Lanai.

I decided to portray Alberta to honor her selfless service to our community, and her vision and dedicated work in developing Lanai’s only commercial farm. On her 18-acre farm, apple bananas and vegetables grow profusely. While walking with Alberta through the fields she has nurtured so lovingly, I noticed bees buzzing around the banana blossoms. “We keep the blossoms on the stalks longer than most people, because it helps the bees”, she told me. At that moment, it dawned on me that Alberta is Lanai’s version of a tireless “worker bee”, putting the needs of the community ahead of her own to make Lana’i a better place. If you want to get something done, the old saying goes, ask a busy person to do it. Few are as busy or do as much for Lana’i as Alberta de Jetley.


Schaefer Portrait Challenge II (2006)
Marco Eskaran, Pillar of Strength

One of 43 portraits selected from across the state for the Second Schaefer Portrait Challenge in January, 2006.
Portrait Marco

Artist’s Statement

Marco Eskaran - Shaefer Portrait Challenge
  Marco Eskaran and his wife, Ah Moi, with portrait "Marco Eskaran, Pillar of Strength". Shaefer Portrait Challenge 2006, Maui Arts & Cultural Center.

On Lana’i, community respect isn’t bestowed as a privilege of one’s education or profession; it is earned through dedication to the residents of the island.  It is an honor to paint Marco Eskaran, a man whose work ethic and community service are legendary on Lana’i.

Before starting the portrait, I was well aware of some of Marco’s volunteer activities--he is a perennial leader in fund-raising for the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life on Lana'i and he’s opened his door to 300 children each holiday season as the island Santa for the past 30 years.  But it is the cause he embraced while dealing with personal tragedy and major health issues that served as the basis for this painting.

After the sudden death of his son 4 years ago, Marco began tending to neglected gravesites near his son’s in the community cemetery.  In typical “Marco fashion,” what started with just a few graves has expanded in number so he now single-handedly cares for the entire cemetery as an unpaid volunteer.

In this portrait, I have tried to show a man of quiet dignity; one who hasn’t been slowed by recent bouts with cancer and heart bypass surgery (I’ve subtly indicated the bypass scar on his chest).  What occurred to me as I talked with Marco between painting sessions is that he has the spirit of a warrior—fearless, strong, and noble.  Midway through the painting I decided to alter the position of his arms and rake to make it appear that he was ready to protect the community he loves so dearly.

As Marco’s physical bearing at age 70 is remarkable for someone half his age, and because of the good he has done for Lana’i while weathering storms of adversity, I’ve titled this painting “Marco Eskaran, Pillar of Strength”.


Schaefer Portrait Challenge I (2003)
Looking Forward

One of 50 portraits selected from across the state for the first Schaefer Portrait Challenge in January 2003. Helen was a teacher on Lanai for 40 years, is the recipient of the Governor's Award for Volunteerism, and is an accomplished artist.
Portrait Helen
Helen - Shaefer Portrait Challenge 2003
Helen Fujie, Kathy and Mike Carroll with portrait of Auntie Helen titled "Looking Forward". Shaefer Portrait Challenge 2003, Maui Arts & Cultural Center.

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